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January 14, 2009 at 7:49 pm (Thoughts on Life (and everything else)) (, , , )

Have you ever wondered what makes life worth living? This seems a little heavy for my first real blog entry – but it is something that has been squating in the studio apartment formal known as my mind!

Seriously, though! What drives us? What makes us get up everyday and go through the motions? I suppose that every person has a different take on this – Love. Family. Friends. Food. Sex. TV. I bet that loads of people even live for their jobs (though that may not be entirely healthy). But I’m talking about more than all of those, ehr, potentially wonderful things. I want the deeper meaning.

I have been mulling it over and over. And over. And I think I may have come up with something (I forgot to mention that I haven’t been sleeping lately). 

We live to achieve and experience. 

Simple. Obvious. True. I’m never happier than when I have something planned for the future – whether it is a personal goal, Tuesday night dinner with the family, a night out on the town with friends or a vacation. Especially a vacation. It makes life seem a little bit more like an adventure than a series of monotonous tasks to be completed in a sometimes scary and depressing world. Plus, we always learn the most about ourselves and the people we love when we are working, or often struggling in my case, toward something. 

Though we find great satisfaction in achieving goals and experiencing the things we love to do (like travel aka vacation), I think that happiness is almost always found in the pursuit – not the final destination. What gets me up in the morning and drives me to go on are all of the things I have to look forward to achieving and experiencing throughout the day, week, month, year and beyond.



  1. Beppo said,

    Do you ever think there might be more than that? Not that those things are bad, because they aren’t, but what about the thought of being created by God, that He might have a purpose for us?

    I realize a lot of people say a LOT of different things about religion and spirituality, and of course they aren’t all right. And you wouldn’t want to follow something just because someone says it’s the right way. But what if you were to actually have an encounter with God and realize there is a lot more to life that most people haven’t realized yet? It is possible. If you seek Him, you will find Him. But you have to be sincerely looking.

  2. Aubrey said,

    This is super interesting! I’ve been thinking a lot about this kind of stuff too. Like, what I want out of life, and how to get there. How to make myself happy and not depend on outside factors.

    I know that a lot of people look to religion for answers/fulfillment and whatnot, but it’s not for everyone. I don’t think you need religion to find a purpose in life.

  3. Beppo said,

    Certainly we can have purpose and make a difference in this world without religion. But my point is that there is a Creator with a plan that’s bigger than our own. It’s not about all the man-made “religious” traditions and such — it’s about knowing our Creator and finding out what He wants us to do.

    With the power of God working in our lives, we can accomplish so much more than we can on our own.

    I realize there are a lot of bad examples in Christianity and “religion”, but just because some people are frauds or mess up big-time doesn’t mean it’s all a farce. Also, I’m not trying to force beliefs on anyone. But I do hope everyone will be open-minded enough to consider ideas that we don’t understand yet. Just because we don’t “see” it yet, that doesn’t mean it’s not real and important.

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